1. My life

This will be the place where I, over time, will write about how I got here, how I came to be who I am now. It wasn’t an easy road, and it is not going to be easy writing this, and it might have legal, possibly even life threatening, consequences. But I am tired of running, tired of hiding, I just want to get on with my life and start over, come what may.

And who knows, it might become a book some day as a warning for young girls not to stray. Who knows right? Stranger things have happened in my lifetime, so why not this.

My name is Angela Bannett, and the last one is not the name I was born with, but the first one is. I was born in Bournmoor, which is a tiny little place that hardly shows up on any map, in between Durham and Washington, right in between where the A1 sections off into the A183. People travelling up and down these busy motorways must have seen the exit sign for Bournmour and thought to themselves ‘who the hell would want to live out here?’, and they would be right. Bournmour has nothing. It is the most insignificant speck of nothing you could imagine, with the most prominent feature a crumbling old church, and growing up there, as a child, it all meant nothing to me.

I was born with, or maybe raised to get, I don’t know, Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD for short, which basically meant that I had a hard time controlling my emotions. I could fly off the handle quite easily, and often did, This did not only win me the reputation for being a nuisance and a pest, and in a little town like that, having a reputation precedes you like having the plague. Everybody knows your name and face, and in knowing I knew they knew people often made a point to whisper my latest misdeeds behind my back. It got to a point where my name dropped as soon as anything happened in this miserable little hovel of a town, so yea, I wanted to get out, badly, and so it was only a matter of time when I would run, and when I did, I am pretty sure the people I left behind would say that ‘it was just like me to do something like that’.

So that’s where my story starts.


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