4. Rinse and repeat

To be completely honest, it wasn’t all that bad. The friend was gentle enough, we had actually met before as he had been one of the grabby hands at one of the parties. The was clearly mainly interested in his own pleasure though he didn’t mind me getting my own, where my boyfriend did everything to please me and have his own second. It happened at our own place, which was familiar and comforting, and I knew my boyfriend was in the living room, as he assured me that if something was wrong I could yell out and he’d be there for me.

Afterwards he seemed pretty ashamed and thanked me several times as he held me as  we watched TV. A month passed in which both our ego’s healed, until one night he didn’t come home, and in the morning returned bruised, and I knew time ha run out on his loan. He hardly spoke to me that day, clearly ashamed, and after some thought I decided that if I could help, I wanted to help. And so it happened again, and this time it was easier.

In talking about it, he confessed he had been out of a job for a while now, and getting one was difficult as he had a reputation. There was one opportunity he had been thinking about, a pretty easy ‘go there, pick up package and deliver it somewhere else’ but with having a rap-sheet, it was very risky for him to do so. And without asking more,  I knew that what was in the packages was not really legal.  But who would ever suspect a 14 year old girl, right? And he assured me that if I was caught, it would be juvi at most, while he would go to jail. So yes, in the hope that by paying off his debt so that I wouldn’t have to sleep with others, I started ferrying packages now and then, and kept sleeping with his friend to extend the debt.


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