5.1 A Deeper Shade of Grey (revised version)

Night is falling, I look out,
I’m so far away from home.
The street is empty, no more life,
just another night alone.
While the lamp posts yellow light
try to keep away the mist
I sit and think of the games we’d played
and I think of how we kissed.
The darkness came and I’m still waiting,
It seems so long ago.
A dog, a car, I hear the sounds
just another story of woe.
Why am I waiting for you still,
when there is nothing left to say.
You know you left me all alone
in a deeper shade of grey.
You’re gone now from my arms,
but still I wait for you,
the night rolls on (and) still I’m waking
nothing else for me to do.
You loved me, left me, and so I wait
I wait to see the day (when)
you see you left the best behind you
in a deeper shade of grey.
It’s morning as I wake up
I fell asleep and dreamed of you
I will leave this all this behind me
as nothing else left to do.
As the light returns I won’t be crying
and I will take it come what may,
I will be leaving, go on without you,
to another shade of grey.
The footsteps, key that jingles
you’ve come back after the dawn
you have come back to try again,
to find I’m gone.

This poem was actually recorded by someone I met online while I was going through all this. Though he didn’t know the details of what was going on, he knew I was in trouble, and this was the only way he knew how to help out, by putting my words to music. Though the words of the lyrics have slightly changed over time, the essence is still the same.


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