6.1. Just a sunny afternoon

I wake up late and open my window,
Smoked a smoke, nothing better to do,
I’ve got no worries, life is going my way
It’s just a sunny Sunday afternoon.
I go down, get the paper and some breakfast
Think I’ll have some eggs, and some bacon too
the dog is barking, he wants to go out now
and enjoy this sunny summer afternoon.
we’re heading out, were going to the park now
across the street, so it’s easy to do
kids are playing, waterpistols and swing sets
laughing at this sunny afternoon.
a guy is coming, someone I don’t know,
and just for a lark I shout ‘hey Joe!’
he stares at me as I walk on,
a smiling
smiling at this Sunny afternoon.
We come home, on the TV is a ballgame
What does it matter, it’s just something to view
Today’s is special, a day to remember
It’s just a Sunday afternoon.
I think I’ll just whistle a bit here.

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