13.1 The Sane Insanity

Fear and pain were all my life
Locked inside my mental room
But just one day you came my way
And now nothing is the same.
In your hand, a gilded knife
I burned while it touched my skin
The searing pain, the scar it left
I treasure it while it is here.
The weekend passed as we hurt each other
While we collided, went and came
I felt your hands, your lips, your hips
As they kept on thrusting into mine.
That morning I just hurt myself
Poured candle wax on both my hands
My hands still shake and I feel ashamed
But the pain in me is gone.
When you then left, I waved goodbye
And saw I was outside myself
People walked and trees just swayed
But none of them were you.
I feel no fear, I feel no pain
I just wait until you come again
If this is love that courses through me
Then I must be going sane.


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