It’s been a while…

I know I haven’t been keeping up with my posting as I said I would, but that’s because the next part is difficult. I am not really sure about everything that happened, what was real and what wasn’t, and the pain, the wounds, they are still too fresh to rationalize.

I am still hoping to continue, but for that I will have to backtrack a little, and gather my thoughts.

So those who have followed me this far, hold on, stay with me. We’ll get there in the end.


15. Caught from freefall

I lived on the streets for a while, sleeping on and under cardboard boxes in corners where the wind wasn’t that bad, until I was inevitably kicked out of there and pushed on. The city, no, the people in the city, really don’t like freeloaders, no matter how justifiably sad their sob-story is. I lived pretty much as an animal, and so I became an animal, because I truly looked like something the cat had coughed up, and the little money I scrounged up went either into food or drugs, which ever needs was bigger. I was lucky it was early autumn, because in winter I would surely have frozen to death.

Then, one day, someone stretched out a hand. He seemed rich, or at least well-off, and so I grabbed the hand, immediately thinking for how much I could take this weirdo, and hesitantly, as by now I distrusted people with a vengeance, was willing to do anything he asked so I could get more drugs. He took me to his place, where his girlfriend clearly wasn’t happy, but let me in nonetheless, gave me clean clothes and pointed me towards the shower. My memory is hazy about this, as I was just coming down of having shot up, or else it is unlikely I would have taken his hand. But I do remember hot water never felt this good.

I was put to bed and I slept for 15 hours straight in horrid sweats and nightmares.



14. Lost… again

I did promise I’d continue, didn’t I? *sigh*

Life without Amy was horrible. I was hardy able to get up in the mornings, had no focus during the day, and cried myself to sleep each night, which made getting up in the morning even harder. It was a downwards spiral to which I couldn’t find an escape, and so, after months of tormenting myself, I grabbed back to an old friend that had been waiting for me by pushing cocaine into my veins and at least sleep for a blissful, untormented few hours. It made the world and the work I did tolerable, but everyone near to me saw that I was suffering, that Amy’s loving rod and whip had kept me sane, and so it was not surprise to me or anyone else when madame fired me.

The money I has saved up went fast, the expensive clothes were quickly hocked for a next fix, and everything I had done, everything I had gone through, left me with nothing.

I was 17 and adrift once more, alone.

I have no words to describe how this felt, the loss of everything I had won, and if you think you have an idea of what this was like, you either lived it in one way or another, or are nowhere near.


Hi all, thanks for sticking around…
Or it this is the first time you’re reading anything from me: Hi.

I am sorry I have been away this long, I didn’t mean to, and many times I have sat here watching this screen, but no words came out. Truth be told I am currently dealing with a crippling depression due to a broken relationship that was just starting when he found out about my history, which hurtful to deal with as a normal person, so let alone what happens if you’re an emotional swing-rope. We are balancing my medication to make it tolerable, and I am keeping away from drugs and self-harm, so I am reasonably fine and it’s getting fixed, but for now I will have to resign in dragging my limp, lifeless body through several kilometers of mud each day to reach the other side.

It also means that the cams are off, sorry, but I don’t want anyone seeing me as the screaming and sobbing, or staring into nothingness, little pile of garbage watching trash TV I am right now. Yes, that means that no money is coming in, but I have a reserve, so that’s not a big problem.

I want to continue with my life, living, breathing, and having fun, I really do, as I know I need to work through all that has happened and writing is my best way of doing that, but right now I just can’t, so I just hope you understand and will wait for me.

For those who know depression, I trust that right now you are nodding and wanting to give me a little pat on the back without saying anything, knowing that anything you say won’t work, that it just needs time. But for those who don’t know what it is like, here is an example.

Imagine yourself always having lived in a colorful world… the warm sunshine on your face, nice green trees swaying in a soft breeze. And then suddenly someone pulls the plug out of the bathtub and all color is drained from your world. No more sunshine, no more warmth, no more green, no more breeze… You remember it being beautiful, but now everything is just black outlines of what once was something you cared about, and knowing you once cared makes it is even more depressing.

So I hope you are all doing well… I am currently not, but this too shall pass…

Until soon.



Still here…

Yep… still here… I am just finding it very hard to write on, especially as the recent memories still pretty much haunt my dreams, especially now that I am writing and dealing with stuff… I promise to continue, but just give me time to collect my thoughts, and my bravery.

Massive surge of likes :)

Wow, I didn’t expect my last post to get so much reactions… Thanks all! It really helps for me to see that me opening up my darkest parts is being appreciated. 🙂

If by chance you want to contact me, you can to do so most easily through twitter @AngelaBannett, and can follow me to always be updated on when a new post is out. 

Anyway, that’s it for me… hope you all have a great day… I myself am going out for a walk as it is a beautiful spring day. 🙂